Ayurveda Reinterpreted: Perfect solutions for the Premium Spa

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AYURVEDA is derived from two words, ayur and veda. ” Ayur is Union of the mind, body, senses and soul. Veda is science or knowledge”. Ayurveda therapies bring you harmony – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. An ancient Indian science that is today being recognized globally as the recipes for … Read More


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  Vedaya, is a project that has been near to my heart for many years now…. When we started off almost 15 years back, our philosophy was very simple….Ancient wisdom for Modern Living! We firmly believe in the benefit and healing power of Ayurveda and are passionate about bringing these … Read More

Yoga Inspired: Mind, Body & Beauty

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What is Yoga? Yoga originated in ancient India is a physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines that aims to transform body and mind. The word “Yoga “is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj”, which means to unite or integrate the spirit and physical body. It’s an ancient art based … Read More


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  Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing. It’s an ancient Hindu science of health and medicine, based on maintaining balance among the five elements earth, air, fire, water, and … Read More

Farm To Hand Story – The Sadatan Way

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Located near Nagpur, Central India, at the edge of Gorewada Forest & Biopark is our new factory and organic farms.   Spread over 5 acres, the new set up offers the best of technology & systems of product development with a production capacity of 300000 kg/ltr per year. The setup … Read More

What is EcoCert?

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Sadatan Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. is committed to maintaining excellent standards, and are, therefore, very selective about all of the ingredients in our products. This is why we have chosen to follow one of the regulation process called EcoCert’s process of careful certification and approval.   But what is EcoCert? What … Read More

Natural Preservatives

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Preservatives are an essential ingredient in skin and hair care products .The fact is water, oils, emulsions and peptides that make up all cosmetic formulations are very prone to microbial activity. Need for cosmetic preservatives The need to control microbial activity is inherent in two major facets of personal care. The … Read More

New Product Development at Sadatan

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We at Sadatan , take the science of safety very seriously. The entire cosmetics and personal care products business is driven by positive consumer experiences like safety, and the science behind that safety, is part of that positive experience. The development of a new cosmetic or personal care product at … Read More

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