Sadatan Ayurveda


  • We believe in making high-quality and effective private label organic products using only the purest natural ingredients.
  • We firmly believe in making products as close to the original Ayurveda formulations as possible, both in terms of ingredients and the manufacturing process. Ensuring that we never compromise on the sanctity of the prescribed process.
  • We believe that our customers have the right to know exactly what they’re using, which is why we disclose all the ingredients on the product label.
  • All our natural ingredients are obtained when their active properties are at their peak from geographic regions that are most naturally suited to growing the herb.
  • The sustainable use of natural resources is of prime importance to us at Sadatan, which is why most herbs are cultivated at our own farms or through community based cultivation projects. When procuring from the forests, we ensure that we do so responsibly.
  • We strive hard to create humane and pleasant working conditions for our workers; for we believe that a happy atmosphere contributes to the subtle energy of our products.