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Ayurveda skin care

The Concept

Our Traditional Ayurveda recipes have been proven to be highly beneficial and effective to address a wide range of skin, hair and health concerns. However these are not always convenient to use and might not appeal to the aesthetic sensibilities of modern consumers.

The concept of the ‘Contemporary Ayurveda’ line is to create products that retain the benefits of these traditional, natural recipes but with modern presentation, attractive fragrance and convenience of use.

Concept Philosophy

Ayurveda represents the most ancient and classical knowledge base pertaining to life science, health and cure, its antiquity going back to the Vedas. It seems to have been the world view of its time, although subsequently the world view of this knowledge base shrank to India alone and India remained its sole custodian till the end of the 20th century. Because of its unique pro-nature vision, Ayurveda once again is gaining global relevance. This new upsurge of interest in Ayurveda and its rapidly increasing public use has given rise to many newer issues and challenges.

The evidence base of contemporary Ayurveda is to be visualized in several forms, including

  • Textual evidence and folklore claims
  • Experience-based evidence
  • Longstanding traditional use
  • Mass acceptability
  • New scientific evidence


  • Neem Kriya (Cream)
  • Kokum Butter & Coconut -Crack Healing Salve.
  • Nav Shakti
  • Firming & Toning Cream



  • Cellulite-Detox Balm (Haritkyadi Balm)
  • Sports Balm (Shulahara Balm)
  • Breast Balm (Vaksha Vruddhikar Balm)
  • Kumkumadi Balm



  • Essential Scrub.
  • Exfolienting Ubtan Scrub
  • Gentle Ubtan Scrub



  • Neem & Rice Mask (Nimbadi Lepa)
  • Sadatan Kesh Powder (Keshwardhak Lepa).
  • Purifying face pack
  • Arjuna face pack
  • Cream Hair Masque For Shine.
  • Revitalising Mud Mask – Rainforest Mud
  • Acne Clear Mantra (Yuvapidika Nashak).
  • Protein Pack ( Kantivardhak Lepa).
  • Essential Hair Pack (Jabakusum Kesh Lepa).



  • Keshwardhak Taila (Nourishing Hair Oil)
  • Facial Oil-Enhancing Skin Tone
  • Neem Hair Oil (Arunshika Oil)
  • Kollegal Sandalwood Nourishing Head Massage Oil



  • Saffron Elixir
  • Anti Acne Gel For Problematic Skin
  • Eye Contour Gel With Rubia Cordifolia

Recommended for Retail Through

  • Ayurveda Practitioners & Yoga centres who practice and preach Ayurveda.
  • Pharmacies and chains of Ayurveda pharmacies.
  • Wellness centres
  • Spa providing Ayurvedic treatments.
  • Health Stores, Meditation & Spiritual Stores