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The Concept

Many types of cosmetic and wellness formulations have been developed based on Indian Herbs recently. Apart from traditionally documented applications, some modern trials have also established the utility of Indian herbs in Personal Care products. Herbal Cosmetics & Ayurvedic products, are formulated, using various permissible cosmetic ingredients to form the base in which one or more herbal ingredients are used to provide defined cosmetic benefits

To cater to market demand for Herbs & Individual natural ingredients those are currently popular.
Sadatan Ayurveda also focuses on the emerging trend as regards consumption of natural & organic products being a part of the wider beauty & wellness industry.

Concept Philosophy

The demand for herbal products be it Ayurvedic medicines or Ayurvedic cosmetics is increasing rapidly due to no side effects. The best thing about herbal cosmetics is that it is purely made by herbs, shrubs & other plants of therapeutic value. The natural content in the herbs does not have any side effects on the human body; instead it enriches the body with nutrients and other useful minerals.

New scientific evidence and awareness campaigns as regards herbal formulations that were carried out by the press and social media alike have triggered a renewed interest for many organic products for eg products having Aloe Vera and Argan Oil have seen much of their demand grow in recent years.

Moreover our focus is to create beauty care products using ‘in-various vogue’ ingredients like Pomegranate (for its anti-oxidant benefits), Saffron (for skin tone properties) etc with attractive fragrances, and excellent benefits encompassing a wide variety of skin and hair care products.

  GelsHerbal Cosmetics

  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Cucumber Gel
  • Papaya Skin Gel
  • Orange Gel
  • Neem Gel
  • Under eye Gel
  • Anti-Aging Gel


  • Orange Scrub

  Creams & Lotion

  • Aloe Turmeric Cream
  • Aloe Moisturising Lotion
  • Saffron Turmeric Anti-Blemish
  • Almond Saffron Cream

  Recommended for Retail Through

  • Spa Chains
  • Cosmetic retailers
  • Retails Chains