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Ayurvedic Cosmetics Manufacturing

We have four distinct lines of manufacturing, and our installed annual capacities are:

  • Solid Product Line (Creams/Gels/Balms) 225,000 kilos
  • Liquid Product Line (Shampoos/Moisturisers/Toners) 260,000 litres
  • Ayurvedic Oil Line (Massage Oils/Base Oils for Balms) 650,000 litres
  • Extracts line (Dry Extracts/Pulverised Herbs) 720,000 kilos
  • Natural Soaps

All manufacturing activities are carried out as per GMP guidelines and each activity is monitored and controlled by qualified technicians.

In 2011 we have shifted to a new premises, a Greenfield site that is GMP-certified for manufacturing Pharmaceuticals. This facility include organic farmlands for cultivation of rare herbs, a state-of-the-art laboratory and a new manufacturing line for standardized extracts.