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New Product Development at Sadatan

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We at Sadatan , take the science of safety very seriously. The entire cosmetics and personal care products business is driven by positive consumer experiences like safety, and the science behind that safety, is part of that positive experience. The development of a new cosmetic or personal care product at Sadatan involves numerous scientific disciplines and multiple areas of expertise, including chemistry and biochemistry, microbiology, formulation science, packaging science and quality assurance. At Sadatan, extensive testing to ensure safety and quality is conducted throughout the product development cycle. The process of determining the safety of a cosmetic or personal care product is complex and multi-tiered.

Every cosmetic and personal care product is a combination of ingredients. Careful selection of safe and well-researched ingredients is our primary consideration in ensuring the safety & efficacy of finished cosmetic and personal care products. The first step in the evaluation of the safety of a finished cosmetic product is to review the complete safety information on all of the ingredients it contains.

The process of new product development at Sadatan is divided in following parts:-


Stage 1: CONSULT

a) Identifying benchmarked products and brands
• Determine which characteristics to Benchmark
• Select Best-in-Class Companies
• Compare specific functions &aspects
• Actions to implement and monitor
• Recalibrate & measure own performance

b) Decide product categories
• Bath & shower gels
• Contemporary Ayurveda
• Fresh cosmetics
• Intelligent Natural Cosmetics
• Natural Bath & Shower
• Natural Spa Range
• Herb Based Cosmetics
• Traditional Ayurveda
• Ayurveda Cosmeuticals

c) Identifying Theme
• Identifying fragrance & essential oils
• Identifying Variant
• Identifying USP


a) Benchmarking packaging options
• Tailoring the graphic design
• Identifying Filling ,packing and sealing
• Selection of Packaging material based on product type.

a)Developing basic trial formulations as per identified concepts and ingredients
• Carrying out initial base trials
• Sending initial samples for clients approval
• Studying stability aspects of the base formulation

b)Developing Fragrance blends

• Finalisation of Fragrance based on the theme
• Subjective evaluation of the fragrance

c)Identify packaging suppliers, work out the logistics/ supply chain
• Identification of packaging supplier
• Analyze on supply chain

d) Meet to evaluate and first reaction to developed formulations
• Study the feedback on developed formulation
• Note the parameters for rework if required

e)Discuss indicative Costing of identified formulations
• Discuss indicative costing before initiating the final R&D project.
• Agreement on R&D commitment & charges involved.

f) Development of final product based on clients feedback & requirements.

a)Complete Lab & Clinical Trials
• Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis

b)Packaging Compatibility Testing
• Checking for compatibility with the finalized packaging (Bulk/Retail)

c)Consumer & Clinical Studies (if needed)
• Subjective evaluation of the product

• Finalization of order & commencement of production

a)Providing an idea about lead time based on order quantities.
b)Indication & arrangement for dispatch.

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