Ready to use professional & retail range of Spa products covering a wide array of Spa therapies influenced by spa traditions of the world especially Asia and India.

The concept of traditional Ayurveda is to create excellent quality, effective range of authentic Ayurvedic products that are 100% natural and made exactly as per the procedures prescribed in the AyurvedicGranthas.

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Contemporary Ayurveda

Contemporary Ayurveda line’s purpose is to create products that retain the benefits of these traditional, natural recipes but with modern presentation, attractive fragrance and convenience of use

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Fresh Cosmetics

Fresh Cosmetics and the format in which they are retailed create a very unique and attractive retail environment. The objective is to create a point of attraction at any retail location, to increase footfalls and repeat visits of clients to the retail store.

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Herb Based Cosmetics

Herbal Cosmetics & Ayurvedic products, are formulated, using various permissible natural cosmetic ingredients to form the base in which one or more herbal ingredients are used to provide defined cosmetic benefits.

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Intelligent Natural Cosmetics

Intelligent Natural cosmetics are cosmetic products with extracts and actives of various Indian herbs to enhance beauty naturally.

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Natural Bath and Shower

Luxury Bath products, made with the purest natural ingredients, using traditional handcrafted process.This concept is to create 100% Natural Bath products to cater various bath and shower requirements with good fragrance, attractive colours and offering a wide variety of soaps, bath oils, bath fizzies and other premium bath products.


Bath & Shower Gels

Natural Bath & Shower Gel’s purpose is to introduce a Wide variety of private label bathing products with fresh, fruity, floral range of fragrances and appearances to cater to make the product range extremely attractive at point of retail. Wide variety of soaps, shower gels, shower scrubs, and soaps that are not only attractive but also offer skincare benefits at affordable prices.