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White Label Skin care & Cosmetic Products

  • The efficacy of the product depends on the synergy of the herbs used; a powerful synergy gives far more effective and long lasting benefits.
  • Our effort is to create products that are powerful, using potent  herbal combinations and can be assimilated easily into the body.
  • Our products are inherently stable and therefore most formulations do not require additives or preservatives
  • For products that contain moisture, we use traditional preservation systems, taking care to limit the use of preservatives to a bare minimum.
  • The preservatives and chemical ingredients we use are largely extracted from natural sources making them safe carriers for the active naturals used.
  • The percentage of herbal actives that we incorporate in our formulations is very high. Usually over 80% of every product consists of whole herbal extracts, oils, juices or powdered herbs.
  • Our commitment is that every ingredient incorporated in our products is as natural as possible for eg : humectant – vegetable glycerine;  waxes – beeswax, carnauba wax; Fatty Acid ester – Sesame Stearic Acid, Neem stearic acid; Foaming Agents – Derived from Coconut Oil; Natural Grain Alcohol.