Research & Development is a continuous process at Sadātan. Our team is 4forever trying to develop new formulations and willing to accept challenging assignments from customers across the world who wants private label cosmetic products developed for their markets.

We draw our knowledge from the huge diversity of flora in India. India hosts a variety of climatic zones from the Himalaya Mountains to the seas, arid desert regions to tropical forests. Over millennia, the detailed study of phytochemistry, pharmacognosy and the human body has led to the development of a comprehensive system of medicine that is based in nature. Ayurveda is about maintaining, and when needed, restoring a balance between the human body, mind and energy with nature.

We fund several research projects at universities and work closely with the 8Ayurvedic, Biotechnology and Cosmetology departments of these universities and institutions. This gives us access to new research and the latest developments in our field to help us develop innovations for our customers.